Emma Hagman


Textile designer Emma Hagman from Studio Kelkka creates timeless patterns full of stories. For Finarte, Emma designed a new version of a kid’s road rug with a nature inspired Finnish countryside scenery.

“I wanted to create an elegant play rug, where the use is not restricted to the children’s room, but which can also be used, for example, in the living room – without disturbing other interior while being too flashy or childish.”

“As experts and helping designers were my own children. They hoped complex, diverse and long enough route to drive with a toy car. Along the route I added images and details such as forests, animals, cottage and fields that inspire the playing child to tell their own story and come up with the most astonishing and exciting adventures: Who lives in the croft? Does the forest call back if screamed to (a popular proverb in Finnish)? Are bears sleeping at this time of the year? Can I park the tractor in the parking lot? Is it always so calm in the countryside?”