Eija Rasinmäki


Eija Rasinmäki is the co-founder and senior designer of Finarte. Inspired at an early age by her mother’s weaving, she has gifted a loom and encouraged to pursue rug design. She started designing in 1970, establishing her own company and a unique style. Her dream was to lift the traditional Finnish rag rug from cabins to city homes. By 1978, her company had grown to employ 25 people in her weaving mill in Finland.

A few years later, she met her future husband and co-founder Erkki Immonen and by 1985, they started Finarte. Their vision was to produce high-quality cotton rugs for everyone. Over the next several years, Rasinmäki lived and worked in Portugal as head designer for Finarte. She then continued to design for the company which moved production to India in 1992. She has also been responsible for technically advising the production line for the entire duration of Finarte’s existence. Visits to India have been frequent, culminating in a period of three years when Rasinmäki lived in India with the current managing director, daughter Larissa.

In addition to her work with Finarte, Rasinmäki has kept her Finnish weaving factory, Kutomo Rasinmaki, which manufactures custom pieces to order.  Her rugs can be found in countless homes and public spaces as well as on the floors of for example Woody Allen and the Finnish Consulate in New York.

Rasinmäki’s impeccable eye for color makes her rug designs come alive. She draws her inspiration from the peace in nature, which she transforms into soothing and balancing designs.