Marianne Huotari


STUDIO smoo is a small design studio from Helsinki, boundless on ideas. Creating uncluttered designs with piety, the founder Marianne Huotari is known for her deep-rooted home items. Uniting materials and forms open-mindedly, Marianne is creating tangible future heritance that encapsulates the STUDIO smoo ideology: “Smoo things matter”.

Marianne has created a range of designs for Finarte in the spirit of Finnish Lapland and especially its unique cottongrass. The rugs and textiles invite to bring the Finnish forest and beautiful bog lands right to one’s interior. The Suovilla-collection carries thoughts to the Finnish pure wilderness.

“I remember fondly the summers at my grandmothers’ in Lapland. Walking through the forests picking berries and finishing the walk to the immense bogs that were covered with inviting, soft cottongrass.”

Combining natural textures like wool and leather, Marianne has formed a line of home textiles that is timeless and high-quality. Rugs by Marianne Huotari are an ode to the purity and authenticity of nature – an ode to modern day luxury.