Weaving sustainability

Finarte creates design textiles that bring joy and softness to life. Our products are designed in Finland and guided by the idea of unique designs that are long-lasting both in style and quality.

Our rugs are handcrafted from recycled and natural materials in India, where our family business has been creating livelihood and employment opportunities for 30 years. Our production enables local people to make a living while maintaining their craftsmanship skills.

Finarte’s sustainability consists of four themes:

  • Transparency
  • Circularity
  • Environmental efforts
  • Social responsibility

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A new level of transparency

Our design philosophy is guided by authenticity, quality and transparency, which means full transparency about who makes Finarte’s products, where they are made and what material they are made of.

In 2021, as a pioneer, we were the first in Finland to launch a cooperation with the TrusTrace platform. With the help of this tool, we can better trace the whole supply chain of our products from production to the origin of our raw materials.

Designing circularity

The essence of Finarte is a combination of circular design and the tradition of carpet weaving. Just as grandmothers wove rugs from old sheets, we implement the same idea. We use waste – surplus of the local textile industry – to create rugs that take shape in the hands of skilled Indian weavers.

We are a true pioneer in circular design, as we have used recycled materials since 1985. In addition to our sustainable product range, we offer maintenance and rental services that extend the lifecycle of our products.

Environmental thinking since 1985

To create beautiful and lasting products, you should never compromise on sustainability. We have used recycled materials since 1985. In addition to recycled cotton, we design carpets and textiles from other responsible raw materials: wool, jute and recycled plastic bottles.

However, the truth is that carpet production – like any other production – has environmental impacts. We always strive to verify our impact. To prove that, we have collected data on the climate impact of our materials in the carbon report.

Lifelong partnerships

Finarte carpets have been manufactured in India since 1991. Our rug production affects more than 500 families, and we feel responsible for their well-being. We want to support the local communities in many ways.

We sponsored a two-year training program supported by the Finnish Government in which we taught local weavers our complex rug weaving techniques. The educated weavers can pass on to others in the community in turn. Training has provided jobs and opportunities for both creative and professional growth.

Advancing sustainability step by step

Sustainability, circularity and transparency require constant efforts and improvement. We are far from perfect and still have a lot of work to do. Yet, we progress step by step. Here are our main sustainability goals for the coming years.

  1. We will calculate how much of our processes cause CO2 emissions by the end of 2022.
  2. At least one-third of our collection is made from recycled materials from 2023 onwards. We are committed to using the specified sustainable materials in our products.
  3. We will use only recycled plastic or alternative materials in packaging by the end of 2024.
  4. We will be carbon neutral in terms of our direct emissions in 2028.