Who Made Your Rug?

Responsibility in its different forms has been on display for a good reason. We have talked a lot about using recycled and upcycled materials and sustainability aspect from that point of view.

However, the details of the production and the details of social responsibility are open information. During the Fashion Revolution week, we want to disclose our production and give names and faces to the ones who made your rugs.

Finarte has been working in India from the year 1991 after the operation ended in Portugal during the aftermath of the economic depression in Finland. Finarte’s founder Eija Rasinmäki was invited to India to work with a company Madhu India. From this co-operation, Finarte as we know it, was born.

Today we work in India with two main partners that weave 95% of the products. We pay visits to the factories regularly, at least twice a year. India to us is more than just a place of production. The founder of Finarte Eija Rasinmäki and our current CEO, the daughter of the founders, Larissa Immonen, lived in India over two years. At that time Eija was working in the factories and training the techniques of weaving.

Our main partners are Induskleed and IAG (Indian Art Gallery). We have worked with them for several decades. In addition, in the city of Panipat, we work with Vardhram Creations. They weave our Saana and Olli -throws and Harvest -jute rugs.

Read more about the factories below.

Induskleed: new artisans in Biswan 

Induskleed is a family business in Biswan, Sitapur India. The company employs also the young adults in the family. They are specialized in recycled materials and they make the most of our cotton rugs and baskets. They are tremendously skilled artisans who are used to dealing with different techniques and more special weave structures. We have worked with Induskleed from the year 1993. The founder and CEO of Induskleed Vivek Gupta were working as an operative director of the partner at that time. Later on, for the love of rag rugs, Vivek started his own business.

Ten years ago, we carried out an extensive training program with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Finnpartnership). In this training, we taught different techniques of weaving to the employees of Induskleed. The purpose was to increase the education and know-how so high that they can train their own employees and create new skills and possibilities.

Meet Shabnam. She has three sons and two daughters. Her family has been working on traditionally zardozi embroidery for years. In addition to these embroideries, Shabnam likes especially making baskets and crochet works. She is a true talent in handicrafts. 

Meet Vinay Kumari, Rameshwar and Hasmat Ali. They work in a Induskleed factory.

Rugs from Carpet City

Indian Art Gallery, or familiarly known as IAG, is weaving almost all of our Finarte rugs, including wool rugs and Saana and Olli print rugs. We have worked together with IAG since 1999. The company has established by two brothers, Suhail and Shadab, who started their career modestly by selling the showpiece from their suitcase. Today they employ hundreds of people in Bhadohi India, which is also known by the name Carpet City. Bhadohi is a large rug hub and IAG has established a school for the children of the weavers.

We meet Suhail and Shadab frequently, at least a few times a year either in Bhadohi or Finland.

Shadab and Suhail from IAG visiting Finarte Store in summer 2018. In the picture, there’s also Larissa Immonen, the CEO of Finarte and her dad, Erkki Immonen, who is co-founder and a former CEO of Finarte.

All of our associates have founded schools in their own district and are a part of either Care & Fair Foundation or GoodWeave. They all have an SA8000 or BSCI certificate.

You can read more about our responsibility here.