Circular approach since 1985

For us, responsibility is not just about sustainable materials or transparent production – it is also about advancing circularity with the help of design. Just as grandmothers wove rugs from old sheets, we implement the same idea. We use waste – a surplus of the local textile industry – to create rugs that take shape in the hands of skilled Indian weavers.

We are a true pioneer in circular design, as we have used recycled materials since 1985.

Turning trash into treasure

We are actively involved in reducing the amount of waste on the planet. We design our collection from materials available at any given time. All of our cotton and cotton blended rugs are woven by hand in India from recycled materials. We mainly use recycled material in two different ways: 

  1. Surplus and waste from cutting, such as pieces of fabric and other waste material, is shredded into small pieces and mechanically spun into recycled cotton yarn.
  2. Thicker rags derived from the edges of textile rolls, also known as selvedge, which is sourced from the local textile industry.

In cooperation with our manufacturer Indus Kleed, we use even the smallest textile surpluses: cutting waste from our own carpet production is also reused and woven into new carpets. By doing this, we also promote the spread of circular economy thinking locally in India.

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Circular design as a focal point

Finarte’s design is guided by the idea of long-lasting and deep-rooted products: both in style and quality. Our Finnish designers are both budding talents and well-known experts. Each of the designers leaves their imprint on our collection while promoting circularity. 

“It has been great to work with Finarte and develop 100% recycled cotton products. Finarte was the first Finnish rug brand to bring recycled cotton to the Finnish market. We have been designing recycled cotton products since the beginning of our cooperation.
We want to be ahead of our time, both now and in the future. We feel that it is our duty as designers to promote circular design.”

– Saana ja Olli, designers
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Services that prolong the lifecycle

We manufacture durable products that last decades’ daily use. However, the right care and maintenance play also a big role in extending the rug’s life. When our products are used for years, fewer emissions are generated and natural resources are saved. 

In addition to our sustainable product range, we offer maintenance and rental services that extend the lifecycle of our products.

Rental service

Have you always dreamt about our unique and colourful rugs, but wanted to try them out first? Now it is possible – we offer a selection of our rugs for rent. You can choose to rent a rug for a month or longer. Monthly rental fees will be deducted from the price if you decide to keep the rug. Please note the rental service is only available in Finland at the moment.

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Guide for gentle care

Good maintenance extends the use and lifecycle of the product significantly. We have created material-specific and straightforward care instructions that are easy to follow.

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Laundry service

Like gentle care, proper cleaning is essential for prolonging the lifecycle of a rug. A professional can choose the right kind of wash in consideration of the carpet’s fibre and dirt.

New life for pre-owned design gems

We manufacture long-lasting and high-quality design products that are meant to give joy for decades. Sometimes, however, situations and needs change. In these cases, it is worth giving the rug a chance for a new life. The resale value of Finarte rugs is good. 

Franckly  is a platform to buy and sell used design products online effortlessly. We do sell our samples and some products with minor defects at Franckly.

In addition, used Finarte products can be sold in peer-to-peer online stores (eg or via social media.

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End-of-life is a new beginning

Did you know that only about one per cent of textiles are recycled to raw material for new textiles? For the sake of environment, we need to make the best use of textile waste. Fortunately, textile waste collection and recycling will become more common in the coming years with new legislation and technology. 

After decades of use, also Finarte’s durable rugs come to the end of their lifecycle. Worn rugs can be offered to animal welfare associations, you can inquire about the need from local operators. Unusable but dry and clean home textiles can be delivered for textile or rag collection.

Read more about textile recycling from  STJM or Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish).

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