What is the carbon footprint of a rug?

Climate change is a real thing. But does it matter in our daily choices?

We think it does. Emissions causing global warming were in their highest peak in 2018, equalling to 55 gigatonnes. While at the same time the global aim is to decrease emissions, they have been actually rising at a rate of 1.5% per year according to the latest UN report.

The main effort to combat climate change is to be done on a global, governmental level but we feel that as companies, we should also have our responsibility. Our responsibility is to offer options and information, so you as customers can make the best available choice.

That’s why we have calculated the carbon footprint of the materials used in our products.

We also have a plan for how we are going to reduce the size of this carbon footprint. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Click to read our climate report and get to know the Climate Friendly products in our collection.

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