How to choose a right sized rug?

A rug is an important element when decorating a home. Rug is the piece that grabs attention and gives a room a certain kind of feel and mood. When the rug is right sized it gives the room a balance and the final finished look. It may help to make a small spaces seem bigger than they actually are.

But how to choose a right sized rug? How much floor shown should there be around the rug or should the furniture be on top of the rug? We have picked 5 tips for you to make your decisions easier.

1.  Gather functions together

Gather different functions together on top of or around one rug. A rug under each main function – whether dining or hanging out in a living room – helps to perceive the space. This is helpful especially in lofts and apartments with joined living and dining room. Make sure the rug is big enough to touch all the related furniture.

2. A bit under the couch

In living room, the length of the rug should be bigger than the length of your couch. Front legs of the couch should be on top of a rug. If you have an armchair, a coffee table or a stool, place them either entirely or partially on the rug as well. Hard to find the perfect size? Read more about our custom size carpets or try combining two rugs together.

3. Keep chairs on the rug

If you wish to have a rug under a dining table, make sure you choose a rug big enough. When dining chairs are pulled out from under the table, the legs of the chairs should still be on the rug.  That’s how you prevent your chair rocking when sitting on it but it also prevents the rug rolling up annoyingly when pulling chairs.

Tip: By combining two rugs side-by-side you can achieve a large enough area, like in the image.

4. In the middle of a room

If you have a small room with most of the furniture up against the walls, it might be a good idea to centre the rug in the middle of the room. Leave some floor visible evenly around the rug. Too small rugs in a small room can make the room look messy and even smaller, when a large rug can really make an illusion of a spacious place. Browse through all our rugs with sizes up to 200 cm x 300 cm.

5. For a statement only

If you have a beautiful floor, there’s no need to hide it. You can ditch all the given tips above and choose to have a smaller statement rug – or many of them! – and let the material of the floor show. Place the rugs only on areas you want a soft and warm touch under your feet.

The most important tip comes here: decorate yourself a home you enjoy living in. You can forget all the rules if you feel they don’t fit to your home decorating style. Just layer rugs wildly, use them only in places you want to or choose a rug that covers the whole room.  You are the best decorator of your own home.


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