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Helix jute rug creates playful geometry with a delightful color combination and tufted wool effects. The earthy tones and surface of Helix offers interesting texture to your home. Made mostly from natural jute, Helix is an ecological choice, as jute is fully natural and quickly renewable material.

Handcrafted in India. This rug is 100 % traceable. Trace the product journey of Helix rug.

Take care of your rug with vacuuming and spot cleaning. Gentle wash, dry flat. Professional cleaning recommended.

Material: 80 % Jute, 10% Wool, 10% Cotton

459,00 675,00 

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The Helix jute rug creates playful geometry with beautiful earthy tones and interesting textures.

Natural Jute —

Using jute as material in rugs is an ecological choice – did you know that jute is fully natural and quickly renewable material?

High-Quality Artisan Work —

Helix rug is hand-knotted by skilled artisans in India, where the Finarte rug collection has been crafted for over 25 years. Our aim is to combine the local weaving heritage and the Nordic design sensibility to create a shared view on beauty and sustainability.

Beautiful Colors —

Helix jute rug has beautiful earthy colors combined with interesting
three-dimensional texture and playful geometric pattern.

Interesting Texture —

Helix offers an interesting texture to your home. It’s a delightful contrast to soft textiles.

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170×240, 200×300