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The lively colour and surface of Harvest offers a rougher and interesting texture to your home. Made from 100 % natural jute, Harvest is an ecological choice, as jute is fully natural and quickly renewable material. 

Take care of your rug with vacuuming and spot cleaning. Gentle wash, dry flat.


Harvest in some sizes will be back in stock end of summer.


90,00 290,00 

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If you’re looking for an easy-going and natural style, Harvest is your ecological choice.

100 % natural jute —

Using jute as material in rugs is an ecological choice – did you know that jute is fully natural and quickly renewable material?

Practical & versatile —

Harvest is your friend, if you’re looking for a practical companion to your home. The rougher texture is especially apt for hallways and balconies, but also offers an easy-going atmosphere to living room and bedroom.

natural jute rug

Interesting texture —

Natural yet a little rough surface: Harvest offers an interesting texture to your home. It’s a delightful contrast to soft textiles.

Handwoven with braided style —

Like every Finarte rug, Harvest is handwoven in India by our talented artisans. Harvest is woven with braided style, which makes the rug lively.

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Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly and spot clean when necessary. Gentle wash, dry flat. The natural fibers may get affected by washing.


90×200, 140×200, 170×240, 200×300