Wool rugs – how to take care of them?

When longing for something soft under your toes, a wool rug is a warm and cosy option. But how should wool rugs be taken care of?

Wool is an easy material to take care of, as it naturally rejects dirt. Therefore the care instructions for wool rugs are pretty simple. By regular maintenance a wool rug will stay in a good condition for a long time.

wool rug care instructions

The primary and the most important way to take care of a wool rug is vacuuming. By vacuuming regularly the dust and dirt won’t end up deep into the rug’s fibers.

A wool rug may have a tendency to release some fibers during the first weeks, but vacuuming the rug will help you with this phenomenon as well. The thicker the rug, the more fibers the rug may release. Nevertheless wool will in the long run attract less dust than other materials.

A tip: vacuum your rug in a V-shaped direction in order to prevent crushing the delicate fibers of wool.

white wool rug nordic style

If a stain occurs, it should be removed as soon as possible. Some small stains can be cleaned locally. When removing stains and marks, be sure to always dab a stain instead of scrubbing it.

However we recommend to leave the cleaning of a wool rug to the professionals, who know the exact and gentle ways of taking care of woolen materials.

norm wool rug scandinavian style

In the snowy days of winter time, a wool rug can be washed outside with snow. At first, let the rug cool down a bit, so the snow won’t melt into it. Then swipe the rug with clear snow. Finally remove the snow from the rug by shaking and brushing it.

Above all: remember to enjoy your woolen friend.

In the pictures our Norm rugs, made of 100 % wool. More wool rugs over here and more care instructions behind this link.