Snow washing – how to do it

The temperature has lingered below zero during the past few weeks in Finland and also in many parts of Europe. The freezing weather has its highlights: now it’s the perfect time for washing wool rugs outside in the snow. Especially wool rugs love being cleaned with snow. Read our tips how to succeed  in this fun and useful snow play!

1. Vacuum the rug in a normal way indoors from the excess dust.

2. At first, let the rug cool down outside. If the rug is room-temperatured, snow will melt and stick into it.

3. Lay the rug on the snow and then swipe the rug with clear snow. You can also roll the rug in the snow or let it hang and clean it that way. Clean the rug from both sides.

4. Remove the snow from the rug by shaking and brushing the rug as carefully as you can.

5. After washing the rug, you can leave it to rest outside for a while.

6. Now the rug is nicely clean and refreshed! After the snow wash also the colours of the rug become clearer. Notice that the rug can be still a bit moist when bringing it indoors so be careful with your floors.