Take Good Care – Tips For Different Materials

When choosing a rug, it’s good to take a while to think about the appearance and right size but also the instruction on how to take care of the different materials. With some gentle care, the rug can last beautiful for decades.

To enjoy your new rug for as long as possible, we have gathered some information for you about the materials that we use and the care instructions.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a functional and breathable material which can handle washing very well. Most cotton rugs are light so the washing can easily be made at home.

Vacuuming and removing stains quickly as they appear is important. Locally stains can be rubbed lightly with a damp wipe, so small stains can be washed at home. Cotton rugs with sewed ends shouldn’t be shaken. It might damage the seams. We recommend hoovering instead of shaking the dust away.

The cotton rug can be washed gently by hand in 30-degree water using a brush as help. We recommend mild detergent. To prevent colors from running, dry the rug so that the water won’t drip from a stripe to another. Avoid strong friction on the patterns. Printed patterns can fade a bit especially in the sun.

Using machine washing or pressure washer is not recommendable, because it can break the washing machine or the rug. For bigger and heavier rugs we recommend washing at the professional laundry.

Read also of the origin of the cotton we use

Jute Rugs

The best qualities of jute are sustainability and functionality. It is also a beautiful material because of its natural and rough look. Read more of jute.

In the jute, the dirt doesn’t really show and is very well taken care of by just hovering. We always recommend washing at the laundry but a small rug is also possible to wash at home. When washing jute, it’s important not to wrap it in roll or fold the rug. Instead, it should be shaped to its original form and let dry in an airy and shady place.

Washing bigger jute rugs we recommend dry cleaning at the laundry.

Wool Rug

Wool is a warm, soft and cozy material. It is also much more easy to take care of that is often thought. A wool rug can last decades when taken care properly.

The wool rug can stay clean just by vacuuming regularly because of its repellent feature. Tightly weaved wool should be vacuumed by the v-letter shaped movement. Long piled, plushy wool rugs should be vacuumed with very low suction as high suction can cause damage by pulling the tufts out of the rug. For example Suovilla, we recommend gentle vacuuming, also from between the pile rows.

Wool is naturally water repellent. If you accidentally spill something on a wool rug, it takes a while for the liquid to be absorbed into the wool fibers, and then leave a stain. You should still remove the stain immediately by gently patting the stain with a tissue or a towel. Remember that soft wool felts easily. That’s why you should avoid rubbing and using soap. On winter time snow fashing is a good option for cleaning a wool rug.

We recommend washing wool rugs always at the professional laundry.

Viscose Rug

Tufted viscose rug has a beautiful, shiny look. It feels delightfully soft and warm under the feet. Viscose rug is buy-now-keep-forever kind of a rug that remains its nice and shiny look when it’s being taken care of properly.

It’s a good idea to give a new viscose rug a little fix with carpet protection sprayIt prevents dirt from penetrating into fibers and thus makes a viscose rug way more easier to clean.

Viscose rug should be vacuumed regularly, always in the direction of the pile. Too fierce vacuuming can cause white fluff arising on the surface of the rug. So give your shiny rug (and yourself) a little rest for a while from the cleaning.

Remove stains from a viscose rug immediately with soft, non-pilling cleaning towel and lukewarm water. Avoid strong detergents and rubbing. Rubbing may open the ends of the viscose yarns and the rug can lose its shiny appearance because of that.

Viscose rugs should be always washed in a professional laundry.

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