Discover our new wool rug, Saaristo

When a thought of rippling water and skilled handicraft meet, they result as a rug. Discover the story of our new wool rug, Saaristo.

The gentle first breeze of autumn has brought a new wool rug – Saaristo – into Finarte’s collection. The rug is designed by STUDIO smoo, a creative studio known for rooty home products that create heritage of the future.

The collection that designer Marianne Huotari has created for Finarte consists of durable and authentic natural materials. Hence wool was a natural choice as a material for the new product. Saaristo rug is a flat-woven wool rug, which creates an inviting surface to one’s home.

designer Marianne Huotari holding new wool rug

The appealing pattern of the rug was created in a surprising way, when Marianne Huotari turned Suovilla rug –which she has also designed for Finarte – upside down. The pattern on the backside of Suovilla recalled rippling water and the view of the Finnish archipelago. Marianne had a sudden flash of inspiration to create a new rug pattern on the basis of the backside of Suovilla.

“My thoughts were instantly carried away  to the midsummers of my youth, which we spent on a boat in the Finnish archipelago. The sun was always shining back then, even though seawater was chilly. We used to sunbathe on the deck, and from time to time we anchored in the lee of an island, where we would swim, eat and take a sauna. Wind was playing with hair and drawing delicate lines to rippling water.” 

flatwoven . wool rug in grey and white

The delicate pattern of Saaristo works as soothing element as series of small waves hitting a shore do. 

“Saaristo rug takes you to the thousand lakes of Finland and to the Finnish archipelago. The borders of islands are drawn into the  rug as delicate lines, reflecting rippling water.”

Authenticity is present in the rug, as it’s individually handmade by our Indian artisans, like all products in the Finarte collection.

Saaristo is available in four colours: grey-white, white-grey, terra-white and white-terra