Why choose recycled PET?

PET material – From plastic bottles to recycled and woven rugs

In the textile industry the materials we use play a significant role to the world’s resources. One of our decisions into a more sustainable life is to use already existing materials. It’s very natural for us, since we have used recycled cotton in our rugs from the very beginning of our family company.However, we are constantly seeking for new ecological alternatives, and that is why we decided to weave a rug from recycled bottles.

Why choose recycled PET:

  1. PET is an eco-friendly material crafted from recycled plastic bottles.
  2. The biggest plus of this material is its durability.
  3. PET is very soft, wool-like and lightweight material.
  4. PET is very moisture resistant and tightly woven.
  5. PET is highly functional and has the good attributes of the plastic – strength and flexibility.
  6. PET material can be used in wet spaces and outdoors (as long as no excess water would stand still on it.)

PET Material

PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, the material of which plastic bottles are made of. This material is both strong and lightweight, but also 100 % recyclable. Recycled PET is made in a process where the bottles are crushed into small bits and then reformed into yarn.

Want to know more? Check out this interesting video from YouTube on the process of turning plastic bottles into yarn.

Meet Pispala rug

Pispala rug is designed by Mervi Pesonen and is made from PET material. This versatile rug is inspired by traditional Finnish handwoven rag rugs and can be used both outdoors and in damp spaces like bathrooms. This material is especially functional in the kitchen and hallways. You can also rinse and wash PET rug as you will.

Pispala comes in three different colors, yellow, grey and dark grey, and is available in five sizes: 50×80, 80×150, 100×200, 140×200 and 170×240.