Finarte x Kutomo Rasinmäki collaboration

A home decor element that has a long history and an unfaltering place at a Finnish home. That formed in the hands of our grandmothers, where with them something old changed into to something new. In which sustainability and recycling has been tied to them long ago when the discourse of sustainability wasn’t even born. What are we talking about? Rag rugs, of course. On the eve on Finland’s centennial independence day celebration we are launching a new  collaboration – the Heritage collection. 

Rag rugs, carpets made of old pieces of cloth – rags – that are woven together, are an inseparable part of the history of Finarte. We have continued the traditional Finnish weaving heritage since 1985 in our designs. This would not have been possible without the lifelong work of the co-founder of our family company, Eija Rasinmäki. Her infallible sense of color and skilled hand in weaving has created decorative rugs for over 45 years already. Eija Rasinmäki is known at the same time as a friend of traditional weaving heritage and as a reformer of Finnish rag rugs.

Finarte Kutomo Rasinmäki rag rugs

To celebrate both our family company’s history and the Finnish weaving traditions, we are launching Finarte x Kutomo Rasinmäki collaboration – the Heritage Collection. In this collaboration we will publish once a month entirely unique design rag rugs to our webshop. The rugs are hand woven in Finland, at Kutomo Rasinmäki in Oitti.

rag rugs kutomo rasinmäki finarte

Every rug is a unique piece of art; they’re made with one of a kind mentality. The rugs in the Heritage Collection come in big and small sizes – so they’ll fit in every home. You’ll find also some tapestry pieces among our collection, which are steeped in history. 

A local made rug has a very special place for us both in our hearts and in our homes. Let’s enjoy this tradition together. 

rag rug wall art handwoven