3 Things to Know about Viscose

Viscose has long been a favorite in rugs andut is seen more often in bigger sizes and luxurious colors. Viscose is becoming evermore popular because of its shiny and soft look, which fits in just about any interior style and brings it a nice elegant touch.

1. Viscose As a Material

Viscose is beautifully shiny and silky smooth material. The color and shine of the surface change depending on how the light sets on it.

Viscose fiber is made from natural sources, such as wood, synthetically. The wood is regenerated as cellulose fiber and synthetically processed into viscose yarn. Viscose is also known as rayon. Rayon is used to make clothes, interior textiles and rugs. The many types of viscose can have the feel and texture of natural fibers such as silk. Viscose can also be combined with natural fibers such as wool or cotton and it can be dyed in any color and made in any shape.

Our Suraya rugs are hand tufted from high-quality viscose yarn.

2. Taking care of viscose rugs

Viscose is a sensitive material. Shorter and thicker viscose is easier to keep clean and straight for longer time. Viscose doesn’t work well with liquids or moisture. Smaller stains can be wiped out for example with microfiber cloth. We recommend avoiding any watering because moisture can cause bigger stains or changes to the shine of the material. The best way to vacuum this material is with low suction. It is normal for some pilling to occur while vacuuming or with heavy use. When viscose needs to be washed, the rug should be taken to dry cleaning. 

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3. Do’s and Dont’s


-Viscose is at its best on large surfaces, pick a size big enough

-Place your viscose rug in less busy areas such as bedroom or livingroom

-Soft and shiny look remains by avoiding moisture and direct sunlight 



-Place heavy objects on a viscose rug

-Vacuum the surface with maximum power

-Be alarmed by pilling, its normal characteristics for viscose. You can minimize it by avoiding exessive rubbing


Viscose is quite a delicate material and that’s why it suits best in areas where there is less traffic, such as the bedroom or the livingroom. Because the material cant handle liquid very well, we don’t recommend placing a viscose rug in a busy kitchen area or the hallway. It is also advisable to not place this material in the most sunny areas. The heat may cause damage to the fibers.