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Totty rug is handwoven from recycled cotton, which makes it a sustainable choice. Totty’s colors and timeless stripe pattern make it suitable for many different interiors. The rug is also easy to clean, as it can be hand-washed in warm water.

Handcrafted in India.

Designer: Mervi Pesonen
Material: 100% recycled cotton

52,80 118,80 

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“The world of designing woven fabrics is fascinating: on one hand, there are the limitations set by the technique, and on other, the freedom to create, accompanied by the tradition and history of woven textiles.”

–Mervi Pesonen

The Beloved Rag Rugs —

The Finnish rag rugs were originally made from textile waste such as old clothes and bedsheets. All the memories of those textiles were woven in to the rugs. Maybe that’s why rag rugs have always been so close to Finnish hearts. We maintain to keep these traditional weaving techniques alive with new, fresh designs.

Design by Mervi Pesonen —

Mervi Pesonen has been designing rugs for Finarte since 1996. A skilled weaver herself, Mervi brings different traditional techniques together with modern design to create new, exciting textiles.

Recycled Materials  —

At Finarte, we have always believed the best materials are already existing ones. That’s why all Finarte’s cotton rugs are made of either recycled or upcycled cotton. Using recycled cotton instead of new one saves 11 000 liters of water per 1kg.

Defining Sustainability —

The Totty rug is made by skilled weavers in India, where the Finarte rug collection has been crafted for over 25 years. Our aim is to combine the local weaving heritage and the Nordic design sensibility to create a shared view on beauty and sustainability.

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80×200, 140×200, 160×230

Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly and spot clean when necessary. Gentle hand-wash with mild detergent or professional cleaning.