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Pinta rug is woven from recycled PET material which makes the rug lightweight and durable. The allurement of the Pinta rug lies in its beautiful weaved texture, created by hand from PET yarn obtained from recycled plastic bottles. Minimalism meets handicraft in this beautiful, minimalist rug.

This versatile rug can be used both outdoors and in damp spaces like bathrooms

Handcrafted in India.

Material: 100% rPET (recycled plastic bottles)

45,00 340,00 

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In Pinta minimalism meets practicality in beautiful handmade surface.

New, sustainable materials —

We continuosly source new, sustainable materials. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, the material of which plastic bottles are made of. This material is both strong and lightweight, but also 100 % recyclable. Recycled PET is made in a process where the bottles are crushed into small bits and then reformed into yarn.

Soft and versatile —

Being made from recycled bottles aka plastic, the feel of Pinta is a little surprising: the rug is super soft, almost like it’s made from wool – a lovely feel under your toes.

Yet the material is rPET, Pinta can be placed also on wet spaces and outdoors. You’ll only need to take care of there won’t stand still any excess water.

Atelier Collection —

Everyday creativity and self-expression are at the heart of Finarte’s collection for 2021. Our mission is to make every home a work of art – rug is the centerpiece and heart of your day at home, gathering furniture and functions around it. We long for authenticity and touch in today’s world. That’s why we rely on the lines drawn by our designers’ brushes and their personal human touch. We paint with casual brush- strokes – home is like a studio where you can experiment, be creative and play.


High-Quality Artisan Work —

Pinta rug is hand-knotted by skilled artisans in India, where the Finarte rug collection has been crafted for over 25 years. Our aim is to combine the local weaving heritage and the Nordic design sensibility to create a shared view on beauty and sustainability. 

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Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly and spot clean when necessary. Gentle hand-wash with mild detergent or professional cleaning.


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