I’m curious scented candle


Are you an inspirational type? Try I’m curious. It’s an evoking mixture of rosemary and vetiver accompanied by thyme and musk. The scent is a tribute to creative ideas and adventures yet to come – it’s an embodiment of modern nomads who live by the global spirit. The fragrance is also available as a scent diffuser.

Made in Helsinki, Finland.

IngredientsVegetable oil based stearin, Coconut oil and Parfum

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I’m curious is a tribute to creative ideas and adventures yet to come – it’s an embodiment of modern nomads who live by the global spirit.

Finarte Home Fragrances —

We’ve bottled up a new way to create unique surroundings to amplify your originality – meet Finarte Home Fragrances I’m calm and I’m curious. Fragrances are designed to make your home feel more like you. Both fragrances come in a scent diffuser and a candle.

Made of 100% natural wax  —

Finarte Home Fragrance candles are made of vegetable oil based stearin, coconut oil and parfum.

Made in Finland —

All Finarte’s scented candles and scent diffusers are made responsibly in Herttoniemi, Helsinki by the Finnish design and fragrance company Osmia. Finarte Home Fragrance’s scents are specially designed for Finarte.

The Scent —

I’m curious is an evoking mixture of rosemary and vetiver accompanied by thyme and musk.