Design Eija Rasinmäki – Käsinkudottu elämä (A handwoven life) is a book about Finarte’s co-founder’s, textile artist Eija Rasinmäki‘s life and career. Eija Rasinmäki is known as the reformer of the traditional Finnish rag rug. Her handprint is visible on the floors of thousands of homes as admired rugs.

Eija’s vision was to develop a rag rug into a design product in the early 1975s. “I took the yarns and wefts and decided to bring a new stream to the tradition.”

Eija’s career is an example of how one can achieve at a time when female entrepreneurship was still a rarity. Eija, who has pursued a 50-year career as an entrepreneur, explains how she combined an international work career with everyday life with her children, through changes in the economy and society.

Find Eija Rasinmäki’s unique textile art pieces from Finarte x Kutomo Rasinmäki’s The Heritage Collection.

Eija Rasinmäki – Käsinkudottu elämä is written in Finnish.

Author: Ulla-Maija Sievinen

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“I took the yarns and wefts and decided to bring a new stream to the tradition.”

– Eija Rasinmäki, Finnish textile artist

National Museum x Marianne Huotari: Väre Collection —

Ceramic and textile artist Marianne Huotari has designed an illustration for the National Museum of Finland. The illustration can now be seen in the Väre collections items, including several home textiles and paper products. Many elements that are important to Finarte, such as appreciation and renewal of traditions, beautiful design, handicrafts and highlighting Finnish designers, are all combined in the collection.

Quality and beauty —

The Väre serviettes are part of the National Museums Väre collection, designed by Marianne Huotari. The package includes 20 serviettes adorned with the Väre illustration.

Practical beauty —

Väre serviettes are the practical yet beautiful way to bring something new to the table. Paper serviettes create a touch of a festive atmosphere in any table settings.

Inspired By Traditions, Implemented From A New Perspective —

Huotari is inspired by traditions, which she treats with respect but at the same time from a new, future reaching perspective. The colors of the illustration were created by exploring  National Museum building in Helsinki and its history. The illustration of the Väre collection has had its inspiration from existing frescoes at the National Museum and very traditional Finnish, evergreen forests. The colors and designs themselves, however, are very modern and bound to this time.