What is trending this autumn in home decor? Our tips x 5 from Paris and Helsinki

When the weather gets colder, we like to make our homes cozier. In September we visited Maison et Objet in Paris and Habitare in Helsinki – see the trending ideas for this autumn!

This autumn we are inspired by dark tones, soft materials, cactuses, fun design and little ceramic details. Wrap a warm throw around you and sense the new season.

Deep, dark hues

Autumn hues are brought inside – forest greens, night blue and clay. Especially different colors of red, ranging from dark wine red to warm terracotta work well together this autumn. Also brown is a color of the new season. Find the perfect colors for this autumn in minimalist Aurora-rug.


habitare hakola messut suovilla sisustus

 Dark colors and cactuses presented by Hakola at Habitare Design Fair. The soft woolen carpet is Finarte’s Suovilla. Image courtesy of Susanna Vento.


Soft and warm

Softness and warmth are the key words for the chilly evenings. To keep yourself warm, add natural materials of wool, linen and cotton to the repertoire.

One sure hit to have a trendy home this autumn? Add a soft and thick wool rug like Suovilla and pair it up with something velvet.


Plants have been on the podium for a while and there’s no sign of the opposite. Combine rich, oxygen-giving plants with an edgy cactus.

Inventive design

Darkening days call for some playfulness. Add a little smile to your life with inventive yet highly functional interior items like the Deer-shelf by BEdesign and beautiful canopy-bed by Finnish Lumokids.


syksyn sisustus koti bedesign lumokids

We were thrilled by BeDesign’s Deer Shelf and the wonderful ladies themselves at Maison & Objet Fair in Paris. LumoKids showed how sleeping can be playful and fun! They also presented Finarte’s Aitta-carpet beside their lovely children’s beds.


Decorate with ceramics

Ceramics are the it-thing not only in the kitchen, but also in other living areas. Use a hand-made ceramic bowl as jewellery keeper, key holder or light a candle inside. Ceramics bring nice contrast to soft textures of velvet and wool.


sisustus trendi syksy habitare

Details from Habitare and Maison & Objet Fairs.