The best of Nordic design

As we are heading to Japan this week, we like to look back where we’ve been this year already. Copenhagen, Paris, London, Frankfurt, New York and Delhi so far, yet we’re always searching for new adventures.

While travelling, we keep on being asked about our favourites of Nordic design brands. We’ve become good friends with multiple talented brands, and we’re always telling their stories with a great joy.

So what are our favourite picks of Nordic design brands? Let’s take a look.

If you’re looking for…

…creative, modern and fun kids furniture, get to know LumoKids. Their furniture will grow with your family!

…high-quality Finnish furniture that will last for the next three generations – Hakola makes the world more beautiful.

…unique craft teas, try NORD-T. These teas come with arctic superpowers. Also super cute packages!

…a smart miniature garden that will fit into every home, Plantui is there for you. We love everything about them, especially their motto “Keep calm and garden on”.

…timelessly designed and functional leather bags, Kasperi makes them perfect for you. These leather goods are hand made in Finland.

…traditional linen textiles with modern aesthetics, Pisa Design will lead you to a world of natural materials and creative way of thinking.

…the cure for the autumn darkness, FEATHR’s creative design wallpapers will cheer you up.

…smart solutions for everyday life with the touch of Nordic design, Magisso is a brand you should know.

…a little wooden forest of your own, Lovi makes the magic happen – they create playful 3D wooden models inspired by Finnish forests.

…timeless elegancy and a true icon of Nordic design, a lamp of  Secto Design is your choice.

…hand-made wooden jewelery and home decor items filled with joy, Aarikka is the first brand to pop up in our minds. They’ve been creating joyful design items since 1954!

…something soft and warm, Myssyfarmi’s lovely beanies will keep you cosy under the Nordic stars.

…a piece of Nordic wilderness into your home, Teemu Järvi creates nature themed illustrations with huge talent and passion.

…leather goods that have a story, Gedigo’s quality design items will fill your home with Arctic mysteries.

… Scandinavian aesthetics in the form of home textiles, Lango Home is a friend of ours.

…multi-usable and sustainable interior solutions, Bonden Living’s products will bring a feeling of relaxations and easiness to your home.

…high quality wooden furniture made of sustainable materials, the brand you should get acquainted with is Nikari.

…an urban choice for daily transport and alternative travel, Pelagos cool and hip bicycles are a dream come true for even the most demanding cyclist’s needs.