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Designed by Marianne Huotari, Saaristo rug carries thoughts to the Finnish archipelago. Soft wool offers calm and pleasing texture to your home.

Saaristo is handwoven by our skilled Indian artisans.

Material: 90 % wool, 10 % cotton (warp).

330,00 690,00 

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“The pattern of Saaristo is inspired by the midsummers of my youth, which we spent on a boat in the Finnish archipelago.  Wind was playing with hair, and draw delicate lines to rippling water.”

–Marianne Huotari, ceramic and textile artist

Reflecting the Finnish archipelago —

Finarte Saaristo wool rug in grey takes you to the thousand lakes of Finland and to the Finnish archipelago. The borders of islands are drawn into the  rug as delicate lines, reflecting rippling waves on the surface of water.

Design by Marianne Huotari —

Saaristo is designed by Helsinki based ceramic and textile artist, Marianne Huotari.

Marianne values traditions when designing rooty home
products that create heritage of the future.

Finarte Saaristo wool rug in grey

Soft wool  —

Saaristo is a flatweave wool rug, offering soft feel under your toes. It’s crafted from 90 % wool, 10 % cotton (warp).

Finarte Saaristo wool rug in grey is carefully hand-made by our talented Indian artisans.

Unique pattern in four colours —

The pattern of Saaristo was found when designer Marianne Huotari saw the flip side of Suovilla rug.

Saaristo comes in four contemporary colours: white-grey, grey-white, terra-white and white-terra.

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