A versatile home item with a lid, Juuri Basket is hand-crafted in Sitapur, India by local women.

It is a handmade product made from local grass called baib – a quickly growing and fully renewable plant.


Diameter 29 cm
Height 23 cm

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A tip: the lid of the Juuri basket can also be used as a tray.

An Ecological Choice —

Finarte Juuri basket is handmade from a local Indian grass called baib (sabaigrass). Using baib as material is an ecological choice – it is a fully natural and quickly renewable material.

A Handmade Product —

Finarte Juuri Basket is a handmade product. We believe that our sustainable handwoven products retain a unique energy, one that interweaves Nordic design sensibility with the handiwork of our Indian artisans. Our Indian artisans are like friends to us – we’ve been working with the same partners over 20 years and visit them regularly.

Finarte Juuri Basket

A Versatile Home Item —

Juuri is one of our most versatile objects. It keeps your treasures and decorates your home,  and you can also use the lid of Juuri as a tray.

Nordic Roots, Global Spirit —

‘Juuri’ means ‘root’ in Finnish. Juuri Basket reflects our Nordic roots and the unique Northern nature, which we are endlessly inspired by. Our collection takes you on ride to fragrant
forests and misty marshes, riding
rays of sunlight across the globe,
from Africa to Finnish Lapland.