HIEKKARANTA – Made in Oitti, Finland


Hiekkaranta is a unique art rug, hand-crafted by Kutomo Rasinmäki. It’s part of the Heritage Collection.

“Weaving an art rug like Hiekkaranta is like painting. The exception is that when weaving you are not able to see the whole picture at a glance but you have to trust your intuition when choosing colors.”

The Heritage Collection is an exclusive collection made in collaboration with Finarte and Kutomo Rasinmäki. Every item of the collection is a truly unique art piece, as there is only one rug available for each design.

Handmade with traditional Finnish weaving methods in Oitti, Finland.

Designer: Eija Rasinmäki, Kutomo Rasinmäki
Material: 100 % up-cycled cotton
Size: 95×205 cm

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“Creativity, to me, means opening my heart to whatever is yet to come. I let anything happen through my hands that is ought to happen”


– Eija Rasinmäki, designer

A Unique Art Piece —

Finarte Hiekkaranta handwoven rug is a unique art piece – there is only one piece available of this design. “Every rug has it’s own unique story to tell”, designer Eija sees.

Kutomo Rasinmäki —

Kutomo Rasinmäki is our co-founder Eija Rasinmäki’s own company, where she creates her decorative, exclusive rug designs. Eija Rasinmäki is known at the same time as a friend of traditional weaving heritage and as a reformer of Finnish rag rugs, having designed rugs for over 45 years already.

The Heritage Collection  —

The Heritage Collection is an exclusive collection established together with Finarte and Kutomo Rasinmäki. This collaboration in as an ode to our roots – the traditional weaving methods, handmade rugs and unique designs. The Heritage collection can be purchased only via Finarte.

Handmade in Oitti, Finland —

Finarte Hiekkaranta handwoven rug is handmade at Kutomo Rasinmäki in Oitti, Finland. Kutomo Rasinmäki holds dear the Finnish weaving heritage, as every rug is hand crafted with traditional Finnish weaving methods. The rugs of the Heritage collection are weaved from up-cycled materials.

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Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly and spot clean when necessary. Gentle hand-wash with mild detergent or professional cleaning.


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