Christmas Gift Ideas

The cozy and warm atmosphere of the festive season is right around the corner, and we picked some of our favorite gift ideas for you. Christmas time is at its best when created from tradition, time spent together, and soft surroundings. For the practical   Thinking of what a practical friend could love? Norm, our [...]

Finarte Concept Store – a unique rug shop and interior store in Helsinki

Colorfulness, homely atmosphere and wonderful hand-woven rugs Finarte Concept Store, a unique rug shop and interior store with Finnish design, has moved to new, spacious premises in the center of Helsinki on Fredrikinkatu, just a few blocks away from Kamppi. At our store, you get not only excellent and friendly customer care, but also answers for all your carpet related questions! Additionally, you can try our carpet fitting service or order custom-made carpets for your home – plus of [...]

Finnish Traditional Rag Rug

"I saw a long road ahead of me. Now I know what I need to do in my life, It's beautiful and creative: It's a rag rug! I want to renew the traditional Finnish rug so that it will fit to demanding needs of interior design and it will be appreciated" - Eija Rasinmäki Out [...]

Why We Love Recycled Cotton?

We have believed in using recycled materials, since the beginning of Finarte story, back in the year 1985. Taking care of the worlds resources is in the core of our thinking and priorities, and that’s why we aim to minimize the amount of waste in our business.

Why choose recycled PET?

PET material – From plastic bottles to recycled and woven rugs In the textile industry the materials we use play a significant role to the world’s resources. One of our decisions into a more sustainable life is to use already existing materials.

What is the carbon footprint of a rug?

Climate change is a real thing. But does it matter in our daily choices? We think it does. Emissions causing global warming were in their highest peak in 2018, equalling to 55 gigatonnes. While at the same time the global aim is to decrease emissions, they have been actually rising at a rate of 1.5% […]

3 Things to Know about Viscose

Viscose has long been a favorite in rugs andut is seen more often in bigger sizes and luxurious colors. Viscose is becoming evermore popular because of its shiny and soft look, which fits in just about any interior style and brings it a nice elegant touch.

Washing Rugs Outdoors

In Finland, washing rugs outdoors is one of the most traditional ways of spending a summer day. Almost all small and medium-sized cotton, jute and PET rugs will endure traditional hand washing outdoors if they are handled gently with love. For bigger cotton and jute rugs we recommend washing at the professional laundry. They are [...]

Who Made Your Rug?

Responsibility in its different forms has been on display for a good reason. We have talked a lot about using recycled and upcycled materials and sustainability aspect from that point of view. However, the details of the production and the details of social responsibility are open information. During the Fashion Revolution week, we want to [...]

Take Good Care – Tips For Different Materials

To enjoy your new rug for as long as possible, we have gathered some information for you about the materials that we use and the care instructions.

Ecological and Appealing Jute

Jute is a long and soft vegetable fiber that grows to it’s full length in only 120 days and can be grown without pesticides or fertilizers. This makes jute one of the most ecological materials in the world.

How to choose a right sized rug?

A rug is an important element when decorating a home. Rug is the piece that grabs attention and gives a room a certain kind of feel and mood. When the rug is right sized it gives the room a balance and the final finished look.

5 Interior Trends of 2019

Greetings from Stockholm Interior fair! We’ve been exploring new interior trends for you – this year the trends promise colours from the forest with different shades of wood and a hint of art deco in shapes.

Nordic Roots – 5 things that matter

Finarte collection is divided into two themes: Nordic Roots and Global Spirit. But what does the theme Nordic Roots mean to us? Let’s open up the theme and shed some light on what do we value most in our roots and being a Finnish brand.

Discover our new wool rug, Saaristo

When a thought of rippling water and skilled handicraft meet, they result as a rug. Discover the story of our new wool rug, Saaristo.

Handwoven rugs in the heart of Helsinki – Finarte Concept Store

A place where you can find handwoven Finnish design rugs and home accessories. Read the story of Finarte Concept Store.

Rugs from plastic bottles – meet Turkana

A plastic bottle that would otherwise be waste. What if this material would be recycled and woven into a rug? The designer duo Mifuko created the soft Turkana rug for us, which is made from PET material from recycled bottles. 

Finarte at Milan Design Week

Milan calling! Finarte will participate Milan Design Week as we’re being part of a collective creation of twelve Finnish design brands. ‘Nordic Happiness’ offers the best of new Finnish design – driven by meanings, values and choices – under one experiential setting.

Recycled cotton – why and how we use it?

Taking care of the resources of the world is a vital value for us, and that’s why we aim to minimize the amount of waste. We’ve  always believed that already existing materials are the best materials there are, right from our start in 1985.

Snow washing – how to do it

The temperature has lingered below zero during the past few weeks in Finland and also in many parts of Europe. The freezing weather has its highlights: now it’s the perfect time for washing wool rugs outside in the snow. Especially wool rugs love being cleaned with snow. Read our tips how to succeed  in this […]

Interior trends of spring 2018

Spring brings home beautiful shapes, earthy shaded colour palettes and individual details. In February we participated at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and were inspired by all the interior trends of spring 2018. What are the main elements in interior trends this season?

10 x best of the year 2017

Full of joy and exciting new things, 2017 was a very special year for us at Finarte. Let’s have a little throwback and take a look at the best 10 things that happened to us in 2017.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

The world’s leading event for Scandinavian design – Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018 – is soon here! Finarte will participate at the fair that takes place on 6–10th of February. Let’s meet up at our stand C02:30. 

Creating the Suovilla collection. Marianne Huotari tells the story

Authentic, stately and untamed. These words are the first words in designer Marianne Huotari’s mind, when asked about the Suovilla collection she designed for Finarte. Read the story behind the collection from below. 

Finarte x Kutomo Rasinmäki collaboration

A home decor element that has a long history and an unfaltering place at a Finnish home. That formed in the hands of our grandmothers, where with them something old changed into to something new. In which sustainability and recycling has been tied to them long ago when the discourse of sustainability wasn’t even born. […]

Bright beats black – Bright Friday

We at Finarte wish that every purchase made from us is considered – and that our rugs will be loved for a long time. Instead of participating Black Friday, we are celebrating Bright Friday, inspired by our friend Weecos.

Wool rugs – how to take care of them?

When longing for something soft under your toes, a wool rug is a warm and cosy option. But how should wool rugs be taken care of?

The best of Nordic design

As we are heading to Japan this week, we like to look back where we’ve been this year already. Copenhagen, Paris, London, Frankfurt, New York and Delhi so far, yet we’re always searching for new adventures. While travelling, we keep on being asked about our favourites of Nordic design brands. We’ve become good friends with […]

Finarte Film Lounge @ Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki

Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki is soon among us. Music, movies, art, talks – Superwood is an unique experience for all art lovers. Finarte will be participating in the event as we arrange Finarte Film Lounge, a place to enjoy an adult sleepover and movies with a dear friend and maybe a glass of red […]

What is trending this autumn in home decor? Our tips x 5 from Paris and Helsinki

When the weather gets colder, we like to make our homes cozier. In September we visited Maison et Objet in Paris and Habitare in Helsinki – see the trending ideas for this autumn! This autumn we are inspired by dark tones, soft materials, cactuses, fun design and little ceramic details. Wrap a warm throw around […]