Interior trends of spring 2018

Spring brings home beautiful shapes, earthy shaded colour palettes and individual details. In February we participated at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and were inspired by all the interior trends of spring 2018. What are the main elements in interior trends this season?

Round shapes 

The most popular geometrical shape in home decor this spring is definitely round. Curvy and round shapes are trending for furniture like chairs and mirrors but also for smaller objects.

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interior trends 2018

Natural and sustainable materials

It’s significant which materials your home consists of. Natural materials create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This year wood and leather can be seen a lot in home decor in their different, natural shades.

When it comes to textiles, natural wool and jute go well together with other natural materials.

If looking for something more luxurious, shiny viscose and velvet are very trending this spring.

The sustainability behind the material is also paid more attention than before.

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Earthy shades colour palette

Earthy shades like ochre and terracotta will play a key role this spring.  Different hues of red are also seen a lot, and they are also mixed together. Dark green is still contemporary and it’s a nice match with the upcoming trend colour, peach.

A tip: create a whole world around one colour and use different shades of it to add depth into your decor.

A rug that fits the selected colour palette completes the whole interior into a consistent style.

Explore our red Aurora rug. 

interior trends 2018

Individual details 

A home becomes truly a home, when one’s own personality can be seen there. Add your own individual and playful details to show your personality and  authenticity. Decorating is supposed to be fun as well!

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What’s the most important element in home: the people in it and the sound of laughter.

Greetings from Stockholm,

Larissa & Roosa <3

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