Bright beats black – Bright Friday

We at Finarte wish that every purchase made from us is considered – and that our rugs will be loved for a long time.

Instead of participating Black Friday, we are celebrating Bright Friday, inspired by our friend Weecos.


During this weekend, 24.–26.11., we will donate 10 % of all our sales to Mifuko Trust‘s  ongoing dry toilet project in Kenya.

“Good sanitation is an essential part of staying healthy and disease-free. According to Unicef, 16 million (50 percent) Kenyans do not have adequate sanitation and 50 per cent of rural households have no toilet facilities at all, and where they exist they are generally unhygienic. This has known to lead to lost lives, missed schooling, diseases, malnutrition and poverty.

Besides of providing a hygienic sanitation system for a chosen family and artisan group, the dry toilet project will also give extra income for the community. The ecological and sustainable toilet stores and composts feces that can be recycled into a fertilizer; the locals can then either use it themselves in their fields or sell it to other local families for revenue. As the project is entirely carried out by locals, from construction to maintenance, the community will learn new skills that may help them find further employment.

The project has started in May 2017 with the collection of building materials and the building is due during summer 2017. If this pilot dry toilet is successful, it will be duplicated in other communities as well.”

Read more about Mifuko Trust here.

Mifuko has designed two rugs for us this fall: Mombasa and Nakuru.