5 Interior Trends of 2019

Greetings from Stockholm Interior fair! We’ve been exploring new interior and textile trends for you – this year the trends promise colours from the forest with different shades of wood and a hint of art deco in shapes. Let’s not forget the bright and optimistic colours like yellow and orange.

Rise of Colours

This year the bold and hopeful colours arise. Yellow and orange will find their way in to interior, either in little colour spots or on bigger surfaces. These happy colours fit perfectly with all blues and beiges as well as with grey shades.

Blue harmony

Colour blue is everywhere in interior and in all possible shades: soft and dim as well as bright and darker shades- Blues are also used in wider surfaces. You will have a tranquil atmosphere by uniting a hint of grey and purple in to the blue shades.

Gorgeous terracotta

This spring we pay attention to the gorgeous and calming shades of terracotta. These shades are prefect for accompanying light wood and natural materials company, creating inspiring and earthy surroundings. Grey is playing a big role when it is included as the undertone, bringing peacefulness and stillness.

70´s inspired vibes

70´s atmosphere consists shades of brown and beige combined with materials that remind us from the decade. Nude and sand work perfectly together also with grey, giving the interior an earthy feeling. Minimalism can be brightened with seasonal bolder shades like cold pinks and coral.

Shapes and textures

The curved lines in furniture and accessories continue. Furniture, light fixtures and mirrors have an art deco inspired round design. Materials are often matt on the surface and neutral wood shades are shown in light and dark.

Also, cane material and influences from the 90´s make a comeback. The matt surfaced wood pairs well with the rough textures as a great contrast.


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